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Dog Show: UConn, the Red Sox and other pet peeves

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Panic Button

Go ahead Red Sox fans, press it. Press it hard. You know you want to. The Red Sox and their $162 million payroll are 3 games behind Baltimore in the AL East after an 0-3 start - their worst since 1996.

Happy National Championship Monday.

Hit it. The Red Sox are off to their worst start in 15 years, Shaq’s hurt – again – and there may be no NFL season. Even the UConn women lost Sunday. If this keeps up, I’m going to have to cancel Direct TV and re-new my library card.  Go Bruins.

It’s the Huskies vs. Bulldogs this evening for Best in Show in Houston. One person likely not in attendance – Mike Vick.

 It’s a “Two Dog Night’ (thanks to the Hartford Courant for that one). We “triple-dog dare” Butler to pull off the upset. And “Blue’s Clues” spell it out: the winner has Kemba Walker, Jeremy Lamb and its coach isn’t 18 years old. Answer: “It must be UConn.” 

Kemba Walker

Kemba Walker and the UConn Huskies are barking at the door of a national title.

UConn is on the verge of something truly epic (sorry, Charlie). The Huskies have won 13 straight “exit games” in three tournaments dating back to Hawaii. Walker has elevated himself to “Mr. March” (or is it “Mr. April”) status and owns every inch of the court when he’s playing. Jim Calhoun is 40 minutes away from joining John Wooden, Coach K, Bob Knight and Adolph Rupp as the only coach ever to win 3 men’s NCAA tourney titles. Word has it the Hoodie of the Hardwood, the Naismith of Nutmeg and the Sultan of Storrs may retire before next season with a win tonight, thanks in part to those upcoming NCAA sanctions.

Here’a a couple of final 4s: the first time Calhoun took his Huskies to the NCAA tournament – those Huskies were at Northeastern and Bulter coach Brad Stevens was just a pup at 4 and Calhoun coached his first college game 4 years and 11 months before Stevens was born.

Speaking of shattered brackets – who had Notre Dame and Texas A&M in the women’s final? Props to Maya Moore for a great career at UConn.

Clay Buchholtz

Et tu, Clay? 4 homers on Sunday.

Who needs roids when you have the Red Sox pitching staff? The Rangers hit 11 homers in 3 games  off Jon Lester, John Lackey, Clay Buchholtz and friends. Right now the ace of the Boston staff is Dennys Reyes – who managed not to give up a homer in 3 appearances this weekend.

Pet peeve: sportswriters and commentators who demean Red Sox fans for hitting the panic button after three losses. It’s cool when fans preach calmness and sanity. But if it weren’t for nutty sports fans who were irrationally passionate about teams like the Red Sox – those same scribes wouldn’t have a job.

Is that $142 million refundable? (Just kidding, folks)

For 8 years we watched Carl Crawford kill the Red Sox. Well, he finally stopped on Sunday. CC’s 0-for-7 start helped the Sox to the second-worst opening of the weekend after Charlie Sheen’s “Torpedo What’s Left of My Career Tour.” I won’t say Sox fans panicked after those three losses, but they were lined 3-deep on the Tobin Bridge Sunday night. Rangers fans were spreading smack on line all weekend – of course that bandwagon is still on its first tank of gas. Right after we were told not to panic – Tito moved Crawford to 7th in the batting order and he got 2 hits. Jarrod Saltalamacchia has 14 letters in his last name but is 0-for-10 at the plate. Who would have ever thought Tek would be a boost at the plate as well as behind it?…

There was a story about how some folks wanted to be buried at Daytona International Speedway. I was going to have my ashes buried at Tropicana Field – but I didn’t want to spend eternity by myself stranded at 3rd base. The odds are 25-1 for the Rays to win the World Series and 25,000,000-1 that Manny Ramirez shows up on time for every game. Ramirez is making about $2 million this year and will reportedly get a $3 million bonus whenever he runs out a ground ball. The Rays drew only 34,000 for their first game – after all those years in Boston and in the Bronx Johnny Damon saw that crowd and thought it was time for BP…

After a couple of weeks of the Barry Bonds trial – it’s apparent that baseball has moved from the

No "Love Connection" here, Barry.

“juiced ball” era to the “small ball” era. When it comes to making a “Love Connection” – Bonds makes Tiger Woods look like Chuck Woolery….

Well, the Magic’s “Fear the Beard” campaign has picked up some steam. I plan not to shave until both O’Neals  can play more than a quarter at a time. Thanks to my Mediterranean heritage – you’ll be able to call me “ZZ Bill” by Thursday. Shaq’s comeback lasted 5 1/2 minutes – or as Rick Pitino would call it – an eternity. He injured his calf, had a cow then consoled himself by eating a side of beef.

Tiger will be hacking away this week for another Green Jacket. His career has gone from heaven at “Amen Corner” to purgatory at “Driveway’s End.” Tiger’s selling his boat “Privacy.” His other yachts “Dignity” and “Reputation” sank about 18 months ago. Well done, Phil Mickelson. That 46 long should fit nicely…

BCS – Blatantly Corrupt System…

Three biggest lies in sports: “I’m not doing it for the money.” – “Elin, I’ve never been to Perkins.” – And whenever Jim Tressel isssues a denial…

What’s harder to believe – Tressel is still in power or that Gary Busey is still alive on “Celebrity Apprentice.” Even Columbus can’t believe what’s going in Columbus…

Tressel is going to play Eddie Haskell in the remake of “Leave It to Thiever.”…

 With the lockout – Auburn’s Cam Newton may already be eligible to collect unemployment…

See they found that loose snake in the Bronx – he showed up at Yankee Stadium wearing No. 13…

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April 3, 2011 at 6:00 pm

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