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Coast-to-Coast – It’s a Beantown Boast

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Hey Spike, you can't handle the Truth. Paul Pierce, KG, Ray Allen and the rest of the Celtics swept away the Knicks in Round 1.

Happy Easter.

Broomsday in the Big Apple! Talk about your all-time wicked awesome runs: starting with last Sunday’s Red Sox win over the Blue Jays – the Celtics, Red Sox and Bruins are a combined 14-1.

The Celtics weathered a scare Sunday but Knicks didn’t have enough. The key moments: Paul Pierce’s ability to draw a charge late in the 4th quarter on a breakaway and an earlier timeout followed by quick baskets from Pierce and Rajon Rondo after the Knicks had cut a 23-point lead to 4. It’s wonderful that New York’s 10-year run of playoff futility will run until at least 2012. The sweep is also nice because New York can always use a good spring cleaning. The Big Ticket punched out the Big Apple. The Knicks were simply Spiked…

Dice-K on a roll.

The 10-11 Red Sox became the best late-show on TV this week, finding their traction in, of all places, California. Much to the relief of Theo EpsteinTerry Francona and the guy who sells ads for NESN, that 2-10 record faded quicker than Charlie Sheen’s comeback.  This is the team that we all expected in spring training. Not expected:  John Lackey and Dice-K posting  back-to-back 8-inning, shutout performances on the road. I don’t think that’s even possible in MLB 2K11 with the setting on “infant.”

Adding to the miracles of Easter Sunday – Carl Crawford homered. Boston’s starters have allowed just six earned runs in their past 61 1⁄3 innings – which the Boston Herald  notes – was the team’s best such run as of Sunday since 1946. So we had the worst start since 1945 followed by the best run of pitching since 1946. Hope 1947 was a good year. It was also Boston’s first 4-game sweep of the Angels in Anaheim since 1980. Wow!

Did you see where some fan threw three crumpled $1 bills at Crawford while he was in the on-deck circle the other night? Luckily for everyone, he stayed off the foul pole and kept his clothes on.

Not sure what was the coolest moment of the week ice-wise — Andrew Ference offering his one-finger salute to les habitants watching Les Habitants, Michael Ryder’s save early in Game 5 (sorry, but that bounce off Chara’s skate was luck) or Nathan Horton’s goal in double-OT. The only thing that beats a goal in double-OT is a goal in triple-OT. Tim Thomas was a wall Saturday, but that stop by Ryder was chillastic. Meanwhile, Claude Julien has bounced back quicker than a Super Ball on steroids. Looks like he’s safe in the boardroom – at least until next weekend.

The NFL draft is this week and we learned the Pats will open their schedule on Monday, Sept. 12 at Miami. Now, if we only had a football season. Good to see Tom Brady cheering on the Sox. If there’ s not football this year maybe he work some short relief…

Wondering, will Auburn’s Cam Newton be eligible for unemployment once he’s drafted?…

Ohio State had its spring football game Saturday. Terrelle Pryor didn’t play, but he was outside the Horseshoe scalping tickets. Coach Jim Tressel is so shifty, he was caught secretly video-taping his own practice…

Booksigning at "Barnes & Toe-ble"

Rex Ryan has a new book out. It’s all footnotes. His first rejected title: “Tale of Toe Cities.” (Thanks to Joe Fitzgerald via Facebook for that one).  Ryan does have a book signing planned at the nearby “Barnes and Toe-ble.”…

Separated at birth — Thor and Clay Matthews

Orlando’s Dwight Howard ought to sue his teammates for support. That would be quite a twist. Wondering if Superman is going to need a plane ticket when he takes off for LA? There was a column in Orlando the other day comparing Orlando’s Hedo Turkoglu, Jason Richardson and Brandon Bass to the “Three Stooges.” They forgot about the fourth stooge – “Shemp Arenas.”  Funny, the only guy in Orlando not playing like a stooge is named “Howard.” But he’s very “fine.”…

With Arenas, the Magic are still on the hook or about $48 million. “Agent Zero” has become “Absolute Zero.” Hard to believe there was actually a deal that may be considered worse than the Kendrick Perkins trade in the NBA this season.  Arenas joins Grant Hill and Crawford on the all-time J.D. Drew list…

The Royal Wedding and the NFL draft are both this week. We’ll have a bunch of elite, pompous, spoiled millionaires all dressed up and parading around, bowing to a monarch — and then there’s Will and Kate. That’s not to be confused with the Royal Rumble – also known as Ben Roethlisberger’s wedding night…

Did Shaq greet the Easter Bunny or eat the Easter bunny? He didn’t get an Easter basket – he got an Easter bushel. Most kids got chocolate bunnies, Shaq picked up a chocolate hippo…

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Written by Obnoxious Boston Fan

April 24, 2011 at 6:59 pm

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